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This Website contains information about

  • the Mozilla gallery and
  • the Chrome Web Store,
  • where Query Bench is hosted,
  • the Query Bench Help file,
  • brief descriptions of available Modules
  • and some additional information.

Why was Query Bench created?

When I am reading texts in different languages, usually I am using an online dictionary to look up the unknown words.
This means then, copying the unknown word and pasting it in the online dictionary, or even typing it in.
There are actually Extensions assisting you in doing that. However, they have never knocked my socks off.
Usually you have to select the text and you can use a context menu to query an information provider, predetermined by the Extension.
This approach for me is too inflexible (just one or at best a couple of information providers) and too unhandy.
User-friendliness means to me among other things, to reach the target for what I use the software with as little effort as possible.
To use a context menu for me is only half as user-friendly as a pop up menu that appears automatically when you hover the mouse on the desired word.
Also this Extension can also be used to feed a search engine with selected text. This is necessary when the query term consists of several words.
The Extension then extends the selection made by the user automatically to the adjacent word boundaries.
This is particularly useful when the text uses a small font, or just when you are a bit shaky.
So in this Extension I have tried to implement two features that are important for me.

  • Flexibility: Query Parameters can be made and adapted by oneself.
  • User-friendliness: Single words can be queried by the automatically appearing Query Dialog and selections with multiple words are automatically extended to the adjacent word boundaries and passed over to the Query Dialog.

What's next for Query Bench

The user-friendliness of this Extension is still suboptimal. That’s what I’ll certainly have to work on.
In certain environments sometimes, undesired effects appear which I must keep trying to correct.
The more users use the Extension, the more I suspect that such problematic environments will be reported.

According to the needs and the feedback from users, new Modules may be added soon.
This means it would then be a module for the Search Engine Xyz where all the possible Query parameters of this Search Engine are defined.
Or there would be modules of which the contained search parameters are dedicated to a particular topic.
It may also be that some users would like to share his self-made Query Parameters with other users.

The Help Page is still not very clear and easy to understand and therefore should be revised.

It will also be necessary to enhance the user interface and the Help Function with multiple languages.

All this and more I can only implement when the users like the Extension and when not serious uncorrectable errors that I have overlooked show up.
With this in mind, I hope that not too big problems arise, that this tool is very useful to you and that you have fun working with it.