Query Bench assists you to organize and use Query Parameters for your favorite Search Engines.
The Query Parameters defined once, according the rules of the Search Engine, can be use in a very comfortable way.

The majority of the Search Engines can be queried with specific URLs containing the search term of interest.
Depending on the kind of Search Engines they have different rules for the composition of such URLs.
In many cases the user interface of the Search Engine handles the composition of the URLs in the correct format, utilizing just configured settings. But setting these options always takes some time, and if you have to repeatedly use one or the other options while searching, it will be quite tedious.
The Browser Extension Query Bench helps you to save a lot of time by saving URLs created for any search engine according to their rules and retrieving them when needed with a mouse click.
Once you have defined a Query URL, it is very easy to use it.
When the Extension is switched on (click the blue qb Toolbar Button), it will mark the words everywhere you are hovering with the mouse.
Then a Dialog Box appears with Buttons according your once defined Query Parameters.
A single click on the Query Button of your choice will feed the Search Engine with the marked word.
The Query Result can be displayed within the same Browser Window or you can decide it to be display in a dedicated Browser Window.
Knowing how simple it can be, querying single words you will be glad to see that querying multiple words (e.g. sentences or more) is not a big deal either.
Simply select the text you want to use as a Query Term and the same Dialog Box will appear, where again you can choose your Search Parameters with a single click.
Query Bench will help you to save your valuable time and give you the pleasure to use simple and sophisticated Query Terms the same convenient way.

Read more about Query Bench in the Pages About qb, Help and Modules.

how it looks like when Query Bench is in action.

Single Word Input
Figure - Single Word Input
Selection Input
Figure - Selection Input
Sentence Input
Figure - Sentence Input
Compact Layout
Figure - Compact Layout
Singular Output
Figure - Singular Output
Settings Window
Figure - Settings Window