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Query Bench Modules - Overview

Query Bench Modules are Browser Extensions that contain Search Parameters which can be loaded by Query Bench.
Like other Browser Extensions for Firefox and Chrome, they can be searched and installed from the Mozilla gallery or the Chrome Web Store. When you enter the search term Query Bench, aside from Query Bench itself, also the available Search Parameter Modules will be listed.

When a Module is installed, an information page about the concerning Module, will be opened automatically.
Besides of the information about the Module, the lower part of the information page shows the Transmission status of the Module.
If in the table row for the current version a transmission date is displayed, the data of the Module has already been transferred to Query Bench.
If this is not the case, make sure that Query Bench version 3.0.0 or higher is installed (qb 3.0.0 for Firefox or qb 3.0.0 for Chrome).

Depending on the available Parameter set before the transmission, the new Parameters may be equal, different to the existing Search Parameters or be all new.
When you open the Settings panel in Query Bench, the new and the conflicting Search Parameters will be marked in the Treeview and Query Bench will allow you to accept or to reject them.
See the description in Introduction - chapter 6 for details on how to merge the new loaded Parameters into the existing ones.

After the transmission of the Search Parameters, the Module is not needed any more and you can uninstall it right away.
However, if you want to receive possibly future released changes to the Module, by using the automatic update process.
Then you can just keep the module installed.

As soon as you modify and/or rename a Search Parameter, on the next update it will be marked as modified or new, even if the modification was not from the Module but from you.
A simple possibility to avoid this, is to leave the Search Parameters from the Module unchanged and not to use them (leave them unchecked) and to apply your desired modifications only on copies of them.
This way you make sure, that you get informed only for "real modifications" (when the Search Parameters from the Module have changed, not yours).

With the navigation buttons above, right hand of the Overview Button, you can view the details for the available modules.